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"L.I.F.E is Living Internal Freedom Everyday."

Rena Wells

Metaphysical Consult, Speaker, and Author

HOMETOWN: Toronto, Canada

Phone: 289.404.8322

-Rena Wells

Rena Wells  is an Intuitive Metaphysical Consult, and a highly sensitive empath with various intuitive abilities. She has over 28 years experience working with energy, and has a very strong connection to Universal Consciousness. 

As a child Rena's awareness to the spirit world made living in our world very difficult. She is here to help other's tap into their innate intuitive abilities through emotions, as she believes everyone was born with this gift. People have forgotten their natural sensitive nature, because of the amount of conditioning we chose to accept. Rena can help you to awaken your powers through your emotional sensitivity, and this will bring a wave of healing, freedom, and power into your life. She knows this can happen because she too has overcome, and healed major life traumas, which include being drugged, raped and kidnapped in her early 20's, and fighting off dark entities in her teenage years. Rena has learned the realms of energy from the darkest low, to high healing energy. This has helped her teach others how to discern appropriately, and how to recognize the energy you are working with. 

Rena talks the talk, and walks the walk. She illustrates in her book God for Hire? Awakening your Intuitive Power anybody can overcome anything if they are only brave enough to face themselves. If you can do that you can do anything!  Rena understands what it feels like to be ostracized from society. This has been a life long struggle for Rena until she owned her natural sensitive abilities. Because of her difficult past she has also suffered emotionally and mentally for most of her life. There came a turning point where she realized she had to either own her highly sensitive nature or die. Because of her awareness, she used her strong connection to the Spirit world to heal without medication, depression, PTSD, anxiety, and addictions. In her new book God for Hire?  she provides exercises and tips on how you can do the same by healing the emotional body and how to create your personal connection to the Universal Consciousness.  Rena believes emotions,  are the gateway to freedom and because we are born as highly sensitive she is here to teach you how to own that power again so that you too can heal your life! This is LIVING INTERNAL FREEDOM EVERYDAY!

In her book, there will be a golden key which will unlock free webinars and online exercises via her website which will be upcoming in 2016!

Be sure to catch Rena as a weekly guest on the popular radio show Journey into the Light

She is currently enrolled at the University of Sedona and working towards her Doctorate Degree in Metaphysical Science. If you are interested in more of Rena's written work, you can find her regular column with the online spiritual magazine Being Though Balance and Bliss. The link is located at the bottom of this page.

As a natural intuitive,  healer, and having the personal experience working with such a wide range of energy, Rena can help you understand why things are happening in your life from a metaphysical, intuitive perspective. Rena is here to show you how you can own your power!  Please call for your private consultation to see if she can help you with your energetic health.  Rena is available for private consultations, group events, and public speaking.

Namaste xoxo